The Malta Global Residence Program was launched by the Government of Malta in October 2012 in order to offer foreign investors the opportunity to obtain residence in Malta and to enable foreign investment into Malta.  

The program is focussed towards non EU foreigners who are looking to obtain a Maltese residence. The program requires investors to either purchase or secure a fixed annual rental of a property in order to acquire residence in Malta.

The goal is to further attract foreign investment from wealthy business owners and entrepreneurs and bring foreign capital into the country. The legislative framework provides an opportunity for investors looking to obtain a European Union residence with a straight forward application process and minimal requirements.

The Malta Global Residence Program requires the investor to make an economic contribution to the country. Following this, and subject to thorough due diligence, background and application procedure checks, the applicants and their families are granted Maltese residence. 

Process and Requirements

Investment requirements

Foreign investors (and their families) who wish to apply for Maltese residence must meet one the following two investment requirements: 

Property Purchase:

In order to qualify for the residence program, applicants are required to purchase of immovable property with a minimum value depending on where they purchase. If the property is in Central and Northern Malta the minimum is EUR 275 000 and if in Gozo or the South, then the property value must be at least EUR 220 000.

Property Rental

Applicants can also rent a property provided the minimum rental is EUR 9600 per annum (EUR 800 per month) if the property is in Northern or Central Malta, and EUR 8750 per annum (EUR 730 per month) if in the South or Gozo. 


Benefits and Travel Access

A Maltese residence offers the investor and his family the right to live, study and work anywhere in Malta. Residence also allows the investor to spend a maximum of 90 out of every 180 days in any of the Schengen zone countries.   


Application Requirements

Registration Fee payable to the Tax Department

(non - refundable) 

A non-refundable administration fee of EUR 5500 must be paid on submission of the application. Following this, and subject to approval, the applicant must then pay a contribution of EUR 30 000 (less the administration fee)

Minimum Tax Liability

EUR 15 000 annual (payable by 30th April annually) 


Clean Criminal Record

Applicants and their families who acquire Maltese residence must have made provisions for their own health insurance. They will not be entitled to free state health care. 

Maltese Residence Vs Citizenship

The Maltese Residence Visa and Global Residence programs only offer investors the benefits of a Maltese residency permit. This is not the same as holding an EU citizenship or Maltese passport.

Please read more about EU Residence Vs EU Citizenship on our blog / news page for further details.


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