Malta's Residence Programs

Malta has launched a new residence program in addition to its well known and popular Global Residence Program.

The new Residence and Visa program, launched in May last year (2016), is aimed at investors looking for a second residence through investment but are not necessarily looking to physically reside in Malta.

The original residence program, the Global Residence Program, on the other hand, caters to people who may wish to move to Malta and live there. Each of these programs are attractive to investors, it just depends on what they are looking to achieve. 

Below, we will go into more details of the two programs.  


Malta Residence and Visa Program

The Maltese Residence and Visa Program was officially launched in 2016 and offers an attractive route to residence status in Malta.

The investment is a combination of property and Government bonds and has no physical stay or language requirements are necessary. 

Malta citizenship and residence through investment

Global Residence Program

The Maltese Global Residence Program is focused towards non EU foreigners who are looking to obtain a Maltese residence and wish to potentially reside in Malta.

The required investment is either through the purchase or rental of real estate and physical residence is required. 

Malta citizenship