Citizenship by Investment

Human migration has been part of mankind for centuries. People have always had an innate need to travel, explore, and experience the world. The ebb and flow has always been a part of history and as global borders become both more free and more regulated, families are looking for the freedom to move as they please. 

The industry of residence and citizenship by investment began many years ago with countries such as St Kitts and Nevis realizing the value of offering their citizenship in exchange for an economic contribution in the form of foreign direct investment into their country. They launched their program in 1984 and it has been running successfully ever since.

Following the popularity of St Kitts and Nevis, several other Caribbean Island have launched citizenship through investment programs. Our partner agency, LIO Global can assist with these.

Europe has seen the success of several residence program such as Portugal, Hungary, Greece, etc., however, the Maltese citizenship program is still recognized as the most attractive EU citizenship program. 

Citizenship and residence through investment programs, offer countries attractive inflows of foreign capital. These foreign capital inflows also allow them to expand new industries and bolster struggling economies resulting in a thriving tourism market.

Countries such as Malta, are not only interested in the inflow of financial capital, but are also focused on encouraging the human capital aspect as well. It is their hope that investors will continue to invest in their country and through this boost the economy, growth and help create jobs.

Malta's success began with its original residence program but the true value has been seen in the Individual Investor Program for Citizenship. Offering investors access to one of the top 10 passports in the world comes at a price and the program only accepts 1800 investors, after which it will close. This makes it one of the most exclusive citizenship programs available. 

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