The chief of state is President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, who was elected in 4 April 2014; and the Head of Government is Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, since 11 March 2013.  




United Nations: 1964

EU: 2004

Eurozone: 2008



Council of Europe



Malta Economy Overview

GDP (purchasing power parity): $11.2 billion (2013 est)

GDP (official exchange rate): $9.54 billion (2013 est)

GDP (real growth rate): 2.4% (2013 est)

Sectors: Agriculture 1.4%, Industry 25.3%, Services 73.3% (2013 est) 

Unemployment rate: 6.4% (2013 est)

Budget: Revenues $4.84 billion, Expenditures $4.32 billion (est 2013)

Inflation rate: 1% (2013 est)

Malta Interesting Information

Driving: Driving in Malta is on the left hand side of the road

Easily accessible, only a 2.5hr flight from the UK

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Important Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

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English is main language of business and is also an official language

Malta has the largest free port in the Mediterranean

European Union

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For adventurers - Malta offers world class scuba diving.

Malta is a popular sailing destination and is famous for its annual regatta. 

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